Course Description

COMPETENT, CONFIDENT & COURAGEOUS: Leadership Strategies Positioning You for Success. You have a seat at the table—now the real work begins. In this program the student will acquire the skills necessary to ensure he/she is seen, heard and recognized for their contributions and move the enterprise forward.  The cohort can view this program as a working laboratory. It will be an opportunity to work through real-life high-stakes situations. The student will create strategies and modes of being (body language, voice and a glossary of responses and phrases) that can be used in real-time in their work environment. (project reviews, budget conversations, performance evaluations, presentations to external constituents or BOD, etc.)

Methodology: This program is experiential and includes lecture, situational leadership, role-playing, breakout groups exercises and pre-work for each session.

1) Your Winning Story: Makes You Unstoppable
Is the anchor program that introduces the Executive Success Principles and sets the tone and framework. Everything we do or say begins with how we see ourselves in the world. Self-definition sets us up to live as full participants in the world, professionally and personally.

Increase self-awareness; how you see yourself, how others see you, how you want to be seen and how to bridge the gap.
Craft and hone a compelling value proposition that articulates your contribution to your organization.

2) Cracking the Confidence Code:
Have you ever felt that your confidence level was holding you back from getting that promotion or higher pay—or from greater joy and ease?

Discover your confidence level.
Learn 5 secrets to increase your confidence.
Use situational leadership strategies to cut through internal (self-imposed) and external barriers.
Techniques to maintain your composure in high-stakes situations

3) Communicating to Be Heard
When you speak is anyone listening? This session is designed to help you acquire the skills to engage and influence multiple constituents and move them to action.

Field questions and leverage then to gain clarity.
Develop the language of leadership.
Deliver a high-stakes presentation to the cohort with Q&A.

4) Creating Your Go-Forward Plan
Identify strategies to accelerate the application of your learnings and insights from the program.
Included in the plan are best practices that leverage your strengths and effectively navigate potential blind

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