Course Description

This course will be offered fully online with synchronous and asynchronous activities offered. It will consist of a mix of face-to-face interactions via video and a variety of asynchronous collaboration activities, such as Discussion forums, Twitter, FlipGrid, GoogleDoc, etc. Internet access and a device capable of connecting to video is required.

Write in the present tense using academic, marketing-oriented language with a limit of approximately 80 words. Focus on what students can expect to learn, including new concepts, research, and Standards/benchmarks.

Foundations of Elementary Online Learning and Teaching will provide research-based support and guidance on best practices as it relates to pedagogy, methodology, and facilitation when transitioning from a face-to-face class into a virtual learning environment for the elementary classroom. The instructional design theories learned in this course have practical application to the K – 6 classroom. Practices discussed in this course can be applied to any learning management system, and used with all types of online collaborative documents, Web sites, and applications. Within this course, you will experience being a student in a virtual environment. It will help you better understand and relate to what your students experience when learning online. You will also create a lesson that incorporates the structure desired by Stafford County Public Schools with the purpose of supporting your students while they learn at a distance.

Course Outline

This course is designed to help teachers understand the best practices when designing an online course for elementary grades. This has been created in collaboration with Stafford County Public Schools to meet their need

Learner Outcomes

Understand fundamental instructional models and theories of learning and motivation appropriate to the elementary classroom to apply them effectively when teaching in a virtual learning environment

Identify and define elements for effective online course design for the elementary classroom

Explain the impact of learning theory and instructional design approaches on online course design for the elementary classroom

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