Course Description

Physical computing is the term used to describe computing systems that interact with the world around them. The basic components of a physical computing system include a sensor for input, a computer for processing/evaluating that input, and a device for output. A simple example of such a system would be an automated plant watering device.  The system would measure soil moisture in a flowerpot (input), evaluate the level of soil moisture (computer processing), and when needed, add water to the pot (output).  We use coding to connect all the pieces of the system. In this class we will working with the BBC Micro:bit, a very small, inexpensive microcomputer.  The Micro:bit works with several input and output devices and can be programmed using a no-experience required coding language or the Python text-based language.  No prior experience in coding or working with microcomputers is needed.


This class will be held on the Stafford Campus. Family discounts offered. The course is open to those 14 and up. 
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